VoIP technological advancements have made past call quality issues practically obsolete. But should you have a call quality occurrence, the following common issues should be considered:


VoIP technology works by converting sound into digital packets that are sent over an active internet connection. When data packets arrive out of order, you experience audio jitter which sounds like a stutter.

Choppy Voice

This is when the person you are speaking to can only hear about every third word of your conversation.


This issue is when you hear your own voice talking back to you or when you hear the feedback of the person with whom you are speaking.

One Way Audio

This is when a call is made and the caller can’t hear the other party but the other party can hear them.

Latency or packet loss can cause the issues above. The time it takes for a voice packet to reach its destination is latency; a delay causes call quality problems. When voice packets are dropped due to a congested network router or switch, or discarded by the jitter buffer, you can have packet loss.

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