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Hosted PBX

Our OhoConnect Voice Hybrid solution is a cloud based phone system with an onsite processor that eliminates latency issues and provides unmatched redundancy backup in the event of a failure. Scaled to run over any sized property with the same feature sets and PBX options, the iACT solution was designed specifically for the hospitality market.

Features of Hosted PBX

Features of Hosted PBX

Call Forwarding

Get Handy Feature to manage business calls easily. If your extension is busy or not available you can transfer or forward your business call to our personal mobile or home phones.

Virtual Receptionist

A full-time receptionist is no longer needed. With Virtual Receptionist feature you can integrate a consistent automated voice for your brand and never miss a lead.

Call Routing

Multiply Profits rapidly with intelligent call routing. You can customize routing patterns based on various factors to ensure every call reaches the right destination.

Call Transfer

Delivery the best solutions to all your callers, with call transfers features. You can easily transfer an ongoing call to other department or agent. The client will more satisfy.

Call Conference

Get a fast flexible, secured and quality solution to connect any number to team members on same voice call anywhere, anytime. Internally it’s totally free of cost.

Voice Message

After Business hours you can give the opportunity to your caller to record their voice. Caller Can leave a voice Message & you can listen to it through your dashboard.

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