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Hosted Wi-Fi

OHO Connect Internet solutions provide fast and reliable connectivity for your property, seamlessly connecting your guests across all floors.

Designed specifically for the Hospitality, Assisted Living, MDU environments, OHO understands complex, high-density coverage. Our end-to-end service scales to your property, large or small. Overcome high traffic volumes and increasingly complex internet and networking challenges with OHO Connect.

Advantages of our Hosted Wi-Fi

What Will You Get

Bullet-Proof Wireless Access

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi is the #1 demand and most common complaint from business travelers, and it is a critical component of your hotel’s guest satisfaction rating.

High-Speed Internet

Big Bandwidth and blazing-fast Dedicated Internet Access solutions. Guests can make their bookings with the confidence they will enjoy enterprise-class speeds.

Guest Access Solutions

PCI Compliant, Tamper proof, remotely-managed computers for lobbies, business centers and other public spaces, securely isolated from your business network

What Client's Say About OHO CONNECT Managed Wi-Fi Service


One call, one relationship to manage, and no finger-pointing between vendors. Contact us today to design and implement a strategy to achieve your goals and simplify your technology service challenges.